It was just another day when we heard the sound of the hooters. This happened when someone got stuck in the underground coal mine . There was a rush of people to the mine entrance. As a #tyre our job begins the material is loaded on our #truck. Soon , the situation seemed under control when they pulled two people out and pulled them onto the stretchers. They were all fine.

I had spent more than 5 months here and work sometimes was more than 18 hours in shifts. However , rugged we may be the #useful #life always keeps #reducing every day. Then it happened , we were crossing a water filled pit and my truck got stuck . The driver put the accelerator , I rolled and rolled but the #truck did not move ahead. It was clear some treading was going weak . Soon I was surrounded by few mechanics and one of them said , it was time to #replace.

I was not aware what was going to happen to me , as they lugged me out and put me in truck to be transported. It so happened I landed in #Kanpur where few of the designers decided to give me a new life . They sliced and shaped me into #black #board #table . I was delighted to see the new look , I did try to roll over in the front of mirror to see myself . Soon I was part of the #family with 2 #children . It was a fun to see them #play with #rounded top and thrill of the #young minds around me. I was now ready allow #creativity happen all around me and felt like a #STAR. This #new #life was going to thrill many ☘️

I will be happy to be part of your life as environment friendly outdoor furniture to increase the beauty of your outdoor space.