I saw my colleague running with me day & night rotating all along. We travelled far and there were times when the #road was #rough.

We managed it together. Spinning fast shakes up the body but then we are designed touch and to last probably 100 years.

It was one of the days when my colleague has to undergo repairs , it was then I realized that the vehicle stood still on the 3 #wheels supported with the jack to hold it stable but cannot move when one of us are not fully fit. Coming #together was not a marriage but a bond that was to last forever.

#Tyres on their own don’t balance . Two wheelers need to be in motion and for four wheelers it is stable only when we come together for a purpose.

There came a time, when we had completed more than a Lac of Kilometers run and the it was time for us to be put on the side. Instead of us being sent to the fire and create #pollution , we ended in the #ArmChair of the living room. The #ArmChair has been designed for #comfort and to my pleasant surprise my colleague was with me and this time he was part of the parallel #support #rest . It thrilled me to see we shall continue to be of #value and #contribute to #comfort of someone.

Its just time to come #together!! Just pick me up to add another star in your outdoor furniture collection.