Tyre Furniture

When we think of outdoor furniture, the options we have are:-

- plastic (but the color fades in some time, less   durable and not many designs)

- ceramic (classy designs but heavy to move)

- wooden (can't put them out in rains)

- cane (limited colors and less durable)

De'Dzines is launching a new variant of outdoor furniture, where we use rubber tyres. Tyres allow us flexibility to chose designs, are extremely durable and can be easily moved.

Hence, we call it 'Black Gold', which when once placed, will stay as it is for a very long time.

Decor Planters

Sipping tea in your balcony / garden, watching the rains / sunset or just spending time with your loved ones. Isn't this exactly what all of us long for? Now, imagine having a balcony which would not just have your favorite plants and flowers but also very unique and quirky planters

At De'Dzines, we understand the importance of that cozy corner of your house and hence, present to you a wide range of planters, which will beautify your outdoors and make it more inviting for loved ones to spend some time together.