#TYRE #SPEAKS When the roads diverge the person on the steering wheel has to be careful , one by choice , other by impromptu decision when the destination is unknown. We do not realize often that we go to the same destination and choose an alternate route by choice. Of-course , there are other guides these days driven by the digital maps which direct us to the less traffic routes. In a world that is still shocked by #Corona the roads are fairly empty, people use Map to find direction more than the jams. The choice is with the driver.

Corona has had additional effect , the wearing down of the #tyres of less and as a result I knew my life with the vehicle would be longer. However that did not happen. The SUV was sold to another owner and fairly #new , I was removed from the vehicle . It seemed like divorce of sorts. I did not know what was coming next . I saw the new tyres replace me and I was wondering what will be my #road.

Next I knew was that I was part of the #lovely #balcony 4 #seater where I was able to see the main road leading up to the #patio. The place was covered, it was #airy and welcoming . It was #safe for the guests to come in and interact. Within few days the was a regular stream of members coming over and maintaining the social distance. I knew that being #washable it was #easy to #maintain. Seeing the laughter and #warmth back in the #household gave me the #smile I looked forward to . The #Guests were always #welcome here

You can make me part of your weatherproof outdoor furniture to delight kids, you and others.