Well, first of all, what is, 'conscious consumerism'? Conscious consumerism, sometimes called ethical consumerism or green consumerism, means consumers deliberately making purchasing decisions that they believe have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact. It means to shop sustainably.

More and more people, are being drawn in by the influence which products have on the environment and society alike.

Surely, you do not want to be left out.

A good citizen practices conscious consumerism and you have no intentions on being the bad, irresponsible citizen, right?

It's crucial to avoid unethical companies who do not practice sustainability.

The concept of a “conscious consumer” dates back to the 1970s.

Earlier, this level of insight into business could only be had by those who were exclusively included in the process itself but now, information in relation to a particular product's social, environmental and economic impact is available to one and all.

There was a surge in Carbon dioxide emissions in 2017.

You do want to help preserve the ecosystem, right? Conscious consumerism avails in reducing one's carbon footprint.

It helps in forestalling climate change.

It's of crucial importance that we stick to buying sustainable things. Every timr you practice conscious consumerism, you buy products which have been sourced responsibly.

As a consumer, you are not even cognizant of the immense power you hold. Your buying practices can cause entire enterprises to change their policies and become more sustainable.

It's imperative to live consciously. There a plethora of steps which you could take if you want to become a conscious consumer. First and foremost, spread awareness. Make people aware of how they can be of help to the world around them. We have a tendency of underestimating just how much we can be of aid to others. 

De'Dzines is one of the few companies in India whose products help you in practicing conscious consumerism.

We help you become the ideal citizen.

All our products are eco-friendly and last for generations on end.

It's imperative to think about a product's social impact because "people are all we've got".

Your good deed doesn't merely stop at the purchase. There will be endless echoes of your impact.