Great question! If your plants are currently in a ten-inch planter or smaller, choose one that is one or two inches larger than the current size. Otherwise, buy a planter that is 2 or 3 inches larger in diameter.

That is not all. There are other things to consider. What material should your planter be made of? Go for a porous material like, rubber.

Make sure to change the soil from time to time.

People usually use the terms, 'pots' and 'planters' interchangeably. Pots are generally smaller, round and are generally meant to contain one plant. Planters are generally meant for outdoors, are available in a variety of sizes, and can contain many plants.

Rubber planters require less watering, and the black rubber planters absorb heat from the sun which facilitates the growth of the plants.

Guess what?!

All these conditions and many more are fulfilled by the matte black, rubber planters at De'Dzines.

Planters should be highly durable!

Your plant's lifespan should come to an end before the planter’s does.

What could be better for your plants than an eco-friendly planter?

Sixteen to twenty inch planters can be used to grow large plants or trees.

The least you can do for your houseplants is get them nice planters because they do so much in order to augment the beauty of interior spaces.