All the synthetic products we see and use today like tyres are all made from natural products. Tyres are largely made of natural rubber which is gotten from the rubber tree. So discarding or burning a tyre is not just causing harm to the environment but also wasting a long line of carefully processed natural resource and on this premise I think you would agree with me that it is hereby very pertinent to save the Eco system by engineering new ways of recycling tyres and put them into correct and safe use.

Waste tyre is one of the manifold challenges that are faced in today's world which pose so much threat on environmental safety due to the high level of fossil fuel contained in it, and this fossil fuel, when released into the soil can cause great harm. Apart from that we also know that tyres are non degradable material, yet we can find people comfortably accumulate heaps used tyres around them especially in land fills. Some places without proper waste disposal management plan even burn them and this can cause air pollution by releasing toxic chemical compounds like nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

We must also understand that not all recycling processes are safe for the Eco system. Some processes achieve the goal of recycling a product but also releases very harmful chemicals into the environment so this makes the tyre reusable but at the expense of human health. So what we should look out for are methods that will efficiently utilize waste tyres to the best of it's possible capacity and keep the environment safe all together. There are few companies like De'Dzines that have succeeded in being able to maximally utilize all waste rubbers (tyres) and still create a safer environment.

The recycling process is not only for making products reusable in the same form it was made or for the same initial purpose it was made for, it can also be used to make somany other products that might be very different from its original form. Its quite difficult, especially when you're considering Tyres, to imagine the possibilities of making something entirely new, efficiently classy and durable with tyres. De'Dzines have proven to be quite successful with the safe and eco friendly products. You can click here to see some amazingly creative things that are done with scrap tyres.

The main point of this write up is to look at other safe and better ways to efficiently keep the environment safe and encourage green life. It's a very great ground to cover but if we all keep researching and encouraging companies that have already towed this path, we will be able to have beneficially contributed to the safe keeping of the Eco system and mitigate global warming.