A completely recycled rubber tile is robust, reliable, versatile, skid-proof, affordable and efficient with little or no maintenance yet soft and comfortable flooring solutions which can be applicably used in a wide range of options including a play area, corridor, galleries, and indoor game rooms. The rubber tiles can be put on an existing solid surface by either using the ones with the included interlocking hooks or preferably using a powerful rubber adhesive to hold them. Notwithstanding the durability of rubber tiles, they're still entitled to a normal standard drainage system which gives room for air, water and necessary nutrients able to reach the ground below. This is not constantly the case with other rubber flooring commodities but our tiles guarantee that the soul activities below the surface are not disregarded. Not only are the tiles considerable for benefiting the ground around them but they are also simple to install with little or no supervision whatsoever, should your tiles become dirty you can simply mop them with warm soapy water and leave them to dry. Available in different colours, the variety of colours can help you create an energetic atmosphere or a natural area by using one or multiple coloured tiles for solid or patterned surfaces.

Advantages of rubber play tiles
Rubber play matting is an extremely impressive playground solution because the material is simple to install even in places that are hard to reach or on irregular surfaces.

The mat does not create fold marks but has a smooth, straight and fine texture yet prevents trips and falls. It is accessible @ De'Dzines in a different selection of colours and an array of designs that empowers the user's creative ability when it comes to playground designs. The tiles are shock resistant, excellent for chemical sensitivity and perfect for wheelchair use.

As a result of the manufacturing tolerances of the expansion and contraction of rubber under fluctuating temperatures, drilled holes might not always align and so some tiles may require additional adhesion or drilling to establish a perfect alignment. Thus any tile with alignment issues will not be considered to be damaged.

If you have any enquiries that have to do with rubber tiles or would like some advice on the most durable, eco-friendly and satisfactory products for use on your upcoming project, please do not flinch or be hesitant to get in touch with De'Dzines at www.dedzines.com.