Over the years, there has been an increase in demand for plants and this need has come to be a lucrative business idea that is worthy of note. For any business to thrive or succeed, it has to meet up with the demands of the market but for this business All You Need Is to provide naturally healthy plants and the rest will fall in place.

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful environment with flowers and magnificent plants around them but as a result of rural to urban development, cities and towns with many dwellers do not have substantial plants and trees which has now alienated them from appreciating the full extent of nature and global warming. However, if there is a possibility of creating an environment enriched by natural plants supplied by a plant nursery at our home, which will not only provide us with a beautiful environment but also give us fresh and green vegetables, it will go a long way in addressing the issue climate change in these areas.

And now the fundamental question emerges, and that is knowing how to prepare a nursery. And the answer is a big yes! anyone who has an adequate understanding of plants and their management can put up a plant nursery.


• Land.
• Soil.
• Plants - sampling seeds.
• Manure.
• Adequate clean Water Supply.
• Nursery Tools, Machinery and Equipment.
• Manpower.

After listing all these entities, it looks like a very easy job until you start the actual execution, then you begin to see how detailed and precise you have to be; timely execution of actions and proper plant handling to ensure quality propagation of seedlings. 


• When starting a plant nursery one of the first things to do is to get a viable seed, stems or roots, preserve them in a safe place for planting. If they are not properly taken care of, they might get damaged and loose their viability.

• The next step is making sure you have a good soil and then you plant into a seed bed or germination trays. This step has to be carried out carefully so as not to do anything that will inhibit the growth of the plant.

• Now transport the young plants to portable storage components or planters. This process is must be done with much supervision cos the plant is young and tender. Rubber planters give a more enabling environment for the growth of plants. You can get very good planters at http://www.dedzines.com.

• You also need to get a good vendor for buying seed just in case someone plants do not survive at this stage.

• The next stage is the stage where you do careful follow-up and monitoring of the seeds as they grow or begin to germinate, this will include watering, applying pesticides, manure etc.

• Every single stage of the process in handling nursery plants should be recorded. recording helps you keep track of the growth process and areas of improvement or emphasis on areas of priority for the best growth response of the nursery plant.

When all this is done you are sure that your nursery is set to hit the market.