1. What is the type of material used for DeDzine products?

Ans: All the products offered by DeDzines are made from completely recycled rubber tires. The tires are responsibly sourced with the aim of upcycling a material that would otherwise have contributed highly to the environmental and health crisis in the city.
For every product you buy, you are contributing and doing your part in saving this world of ours, bit by bit.

3. Are the products kid friendly and safe?

Ans: Yes, our products are highly and without any doubt kid and pet friendly. We even have a range of furnishings specifically designed to engage with your children!

4. Are the products outdoor safe?

Ans: Our products are one of the most durable products you can buy, ever. We can assure this because we make our products purely from rubber, which is extremely resistant and not prone to wear and tear at all. It can sustain all vagaries of climate of your city, be it a sandstorm or a thunderstorm. It is also extremely sturdy and there is no chance of it breaking down because it is assembled whole from one complete material.

5. Do I need specialized tools to take care of products?

Ans: Not at all! The maximum you need to take care of our products is a simple tire shine that can be brought from any local hardware/mechanic store near your house

6. Would it be possible to buy your products in a customizable color?

Ans: Unfortunately, no. Since our products are made from rubber, it is difficult to paint them. Though we can customize two some extent for big orders and can provide different design combination.  However, you can use vibrant cushions that pop and contrast really well with the uniqueness and zing factor of our products!

7. Do I have to worry about the bad odor of the products since they are made from rubber?

Ans: Not at all! Our products are fully chemically treated before they leave the production, Which is very safe of kids and adults, passing through the highest standards of quality control to ensure that no hassle or difficulty is faced by you, our loyal customer!

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